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 :: Offers for Kids

 :: Play learning
    Languages: Spanish, Italian

    Age: 7-12 years
    Size of group: Maximal 8-10 participants
    Duration: 1 hour
    Time: Afternoon

    The language is taught through playful means such as pictures, songs and hands-on actions.

    Most important is that children have fun when learning a new language and therefore will either overcome inhibitions or not build them up at all.

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 :: Pupil`s Study Support
    Languages: English
    German, French

    This type of support is to give the pupils at further educational schools the possibility to intensify the learned subjects and to give them the opportunity to ask language related questions in an undisturbed environment.

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 :: Preparation for Tests
    Languages: English

    Specific and intensive test preparation through training of vocabulary, listening practice, grammar understanding and text elaboration.

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    Languages: German, French, Spanish

    Subject discussion, guided writing, possibility of messages, spelling training, vocabulary training through text formulation.

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 :: Examination Preparation
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Italian, German

    Preparations for all types of further educational schools with the original examinations of recent years such as Hauptschule (Qualifizierter Schulabschluss), Realschule/Wirtschaftsschule (Mittlere Reife) and Gymnasium/FOS (Abitur, Fachhochschulreife) in Bavaria.

    This preparation should start at least 3 month before the respective examination in order to cover all of the requested topics.

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